Buying Land for Development

In order for your development project to be successful, every element must be carefully planned.

Buying land for development is only an integral part of the planning process; However, this tends to be the focus of beginner developers.

Before beginning the process of selecting and purchasing land for development, you must decide urugan semarang who or which legal entity will buy the land. For example, it will be in your personal name, in your name and your spouse or company name.

Answering the question is important because you need to decide who or which entity will borrow money to buy the land,
But also borrow money for total development.

Different personal circumstances. Add to that in the various Countries or Countries where we live, and and you can see that they have many permutations to be determined before you can answer that question.

This decision is important for your work as a developer. After all we thrive to make money and prepare your structure properly ensures that the money you make is profitable.

My best advice is to investigate and involve good property accountants, good property lawyers and good property finance brokers.

Note that I have burdened the word property against all three
Professional. Please understand that in any profession, there is a need to specialize.

I mean, you will not get the best advice from a lawyer who mainly does family law, right now you. What the answer? Before appointing anyone … interview them … after all you will base your future on their advice.

Have your personal finance and / or company details clearly defined and in particular have your ‘wealth plan’ so you can brief each of these professionals.

Do not you think in front of them. It’s time consuming; Unprofessional and cost money. The better the quality of your preparation … the better your brief will go with them.

Except for Financial Brokers, they all charge per hour.

Please please; If your best friend or next-door neighbor Aunt Mary is a lawyer, accountant, broker – do not involve them! Or if you want to go in that direction, interview them and make sure they have the right property background.

Residential Development Made Easy explains in more detail how you proceed with these professionals and determine which entities actually buy the land; Borrowing money; Develop it from the greatest tax advantage to you and protect you legally

Let’s Take Control of the Land of the Development

So your plan is running. We know who or which entity will buy the land. The next thing to consider is what ‘tools’ we will use to control the land.

You will see as you progress through the development process, you need to build as much flexibility for you as you can.

We have not got there yet, but finally you have to apply to the local government to build what you want at 4/6 houses, apartments, etc. What happens if
Authority says ‘no’.

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