Benefits of Red Betel Leaf

Betel leaf is one of the famous plants in Indonesia as a herbal ingredient and traditional medicine. There are two types of betel plants, namely green betel and red betel. Both are vines on the surface of the soil and can propagate on the higher media found around them, such as trees, wood, walls and fences. Both betel red and green betel, each has the same benefits and benefits. However, red betel has many nutrient content and has more benefits than green betel. Therefore, we need to know more information about red betel., reveals that red betel is a vine that is widely grown because it has many benefits for health and treatment. In addition, some are planting this red betel as an ornamental plant. Plants that have Latin name Piper Ornatum, is actually a plant that comes from Sulawesi island but some libraries even mess it up and say that red betel or Piper Ornatum comes from the Americas.
Red Dih Sirih Pictures for Health

Inside a leaf of red betel leaves contain active substances that are beneficial to the health of the body. Based on information taken from, inside red betel leaf found essential oils, polyphenols, flavonoids, eugenol, tannins, cineole, kadimen, ekstragol, propoda, terpenana, karvokol, alkaloid and many others. Therefore, it is not surprising that red betel leaves are widely used as traditional medicine and herbal remedies to overcome various types of diseases, ranging from mild illness to serious illness.

Red betel leaf widely used to treat ulcer disease, overcome leucorrhea, treat nosebleeds, overcome burns, treat cough, prevent bad breath, prevent bleeding gums, treat insect bites and so forth. For more details, this is how the use of red betel leaves for health and traditional medicine. This information is analyzed from the site
8 Benefits of Red Betel for Health

Cure Ulcer Disease
Take a few pieces of red betel leaf that has been washed and then mashed until smooth, mix with hot water and stick on the abdomen.
Overcoming Whitish
Boil seven red betel leaf sheets that have been washed clean, use the cooking water to wash the female organs regularly.
Treating Burns
Take some red leaf sheets that have been washed, knead and squeeze, add honey to taste then paste on the affected body burns.
Overcoming Cough
Take 15 red leaf sheets that have been washed, boil with 3 cups of water until the remaining half, strain and drink the water while warm.
Treating Nosebleeds
Take 1 sheet of red betel leaf that has been washed clean, roll the leaves to be inserted into the nostrils that experienced a nosebleed.
Treating Insect Bites
Prepare 15 – 20 pieces of red betel leaves, then boil them and use the water to bathe regularly while warm.
Treating Itching
Take 25 – 30 red betel leaves that have been cleaned, boiled with enough water and use a bath to warm while warm. Water red betel leaves can also be used to soak the body parts that itch.
Treating Hemorrhoids
Prepare 7 pieces of red betel leaf that has been washed, cut into small pieces to boil with water as much as 3 cups, wait until the remaining half, strain then let cool, then add enough honey and drink the herb on a regular basis.

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