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What is “baby doll born again”? The reborn doll is just a tall doll that is similar in size to the size of a newborn, artistically transformed by the artist itself into a life-like, realistic, and beautiful baby of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds.

There are also smaller baby reborn dolls made as well. Any existing branded doll can be changed from that kind of “real” to “I can not believe this is not a real baby!” With some time and beautiful artistic work. Actually this can be done with dolls boneka promosi that have removable components. It’s just that the more expensive dolls come with many features that make them look real so it is easier to work on.

The artist works on the entire body of the doll by using paint and a special kind of putty to redesign different doll areas. They may puff out the cheeks, add lines and wrinkles that do not yet exist. They portray realistic blood vessels and the almost pale baby skin color of the entire doll. Life-like hair is actually rooted in a doll’s head in so many cases that it looks like a newborn. Some artists paint hair on dolls and are so realistic that you will never know that it is not real hair.

In addition to working on the outside of the doll, many artists will stick the magnets inside the doll’s head, especially behind its mouth. Once the magnet is glued, the doll is ready to accept the popular “binky” or dot dot, which is largely the dot of the brand. Dots are also modified with a magnet that is often covered with felt, which can be placed on the face of a reborn baby doll to provide other realistic experiences. Yes, even a born-again baby likes to suck a pacifier!

Magnets can also be placed in the hands of baby dolls so they can store other toys and magnetic accessories such as teddy bears, baby bottles, hold binky and not suck it, prostrate to pray or hold other dolls, etc. Reborn artists can use their imagination as well to do whatever they like with their dolls before presenting them to the many mothers and grandmothers of the world who gather them to be delivered to their families for generations to come.

Where can you find these reborn baby doll accessories? The accessories are sold on private sites, on eBay and sometimes on Amazon. To find them, you will only do Bing or Google searches using the keyword “baby doll accessories that are reborn” or “reborn magnetic dummy dolls” or just “magnetic dummy mufflers”.

You can also find artists who sell their “secrets” about how to make your own baby doll reborn the way you want it. This can be a great project for you and your daughter or grandchild. What a very special time that can create as well as a lot of calm for years to come.

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