Alexander’s Doll

Alexander Dolls are highly collectible, valuable and need to be treated with the same love with them.

The Alexander Doll is designed and created by The Alexander Doll Company, founded by the late Madame Alexander. He always works with very high standards, so that all Alexander dolls are made perfectly. Saying this, every madam doll produced requires good care to maintain its special beauty and give it a long levaty.

Many madame dolls are highly collectible today. This doll should be well maintained to stay in prestige.

If your doll is displayed, their clothes and hair should remain free of dust. It is not necessary to wash these clothes too often as this will damage konveksi boneka them in the long run. The best way to control dust on them is with a damp cloth. You can not drown your doll in the water.

If your madame doll is flagged or dirty. It is best to wipe immediately with very mild soap or a little detergent. If a dirty trash is left too long it will be difficult to remove without rubbing, and of course rub it is not very good for the ‘skin’ of your doll so you can talk. For madame dolls that have a cloth, a small brush, or even a toothbrush dipped in mild soap can be used to brush more stubborn stains.

Your Alexander Doll should always be kept in an upright position and if possible supported by a stand.

Do not keep your doll lying down for long periods of time as this can affect the movement of the sleeping eye. If you have no choice but to keep your doll. It is recommended to check it every few weeks.

It’s always better to wrap your Alexander doll in a paper type paper.

Madame Alexander’s dolls should be kept in a damp-free area from direct sunlight or extreme heat because all these items will ruin your dolls as well.

From time to time the removable clothing should be washed by hand in a warm water basin. You need to use soap for fine materials. Remember to not rub clothes, kinda gently squeeze or stretch them until the soil is out, then rinse with warm water. After washing the clothes, do not squeeze or twist them. Excess water needs to be gently squeezed. To dry, the clothes should be hung on a hanger with a pin on the shoulder seam. When they are dry. Be careful only by pressing a secure iron cloth with a warm iron.

Here are some great suggestions that can be done to fix the doll’s hair curls if they become flat or straight.

First take a small part of the doll’s hair and wrap it, bit by bit, around your little finger using a wet comb.

After that, scissor each curl with the hair grip, and pull the finger or comb. Once her hair is dry, spray curls with a little hair spray and let the curls sit overnight. Be sure to cover the doll’s face while spraying hairspray will damage your Alexander doll, especially his eyes because they get clogged with spray.

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