Benefits of Banana Fruit For Babies

Very Suitable as Baby’s First Food

When the baby has entered the age of 6 months, this is a good time to introduce the baby to the first food. Should not be arbitrary when introducing the baby on the first food, in addition to digestion because the baby is still very vulnerable to introduce the first food that is wrong in the baby can also make the baby becomes difficult to eat later. Give baby a healthy and nutritious food such as fruit. Fruit is a very good food in consumption by which has a soft and sweet texture is very fitting for the baby’s tongue, and also bananas are safe for baby’s stomach because it is easily digested.

Fruit that does not cause allergies

In many cases, food allergies arise from amino acids as they are intolerable and digested for some people. Bananas on the other hand, contain simple or benign amino acids, most of which are digested. This makes bananas an ideal food for babies because of this easily digestible feature.

Solve constipation problems

Constipation is usually also common in infants and toddlers. It is very difficult for a mother if her baby has difficulty defecating because they will be fussy and anxious. Because babies can only lie with their backs, it will be difficult for them to push the impurities out and can lead to constipation. Providing fresh, mashed bananas will help to overcome constipation in infants, as well as to prevent it. Bananas contain high enough dietary fiber, which will help the intestines to push impurities without difficulty.

Good for urinary tract infections

Infants and toddlers are generally more susceptible to urinary tract infections. These symptoms may include fever, frequent or rare pee, smelling pink, etc. In such circumstances, in addition to prompt consultation with pediatricians, providing a mashed banana can also provide benefits. This is believed because the yellow fruit is also nutritious to clean the urinary tract of toxins that accumulate.

Banana skin to reduce skin inflammation

An unusual use of banana peels is that inside it can rub insect bites for relief. Very often, we can observe infants with inflammation of some or other insect bites. In such cases, using fresh banana peels can help. It is also useful in removing small flakes from insects, which get nested in the skin.

Energy Rich Foods

Banana is considered a good food for athletes, this is not nonsense because the carbohydrate content contained in ripe bananas provide instant energy. Babies who are active and start learning the course will get tired faster and also need more energy. In ripe bananas contain glucose, fructose, and also sucrose which is a natural sugar, able to meet the energy needs for infants

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