What are Many Types of Wood Siding?

The types of wood siding currently produced today include many, boards, plywood, shakes and shingles, tongue and grooves and hardboard. Choosing the type of wood for your home is a big step. By matching your home style to a unique wooden board type, you will have a more desirable looking home at the end of the day. Read on to learn more about the unique wood species available.

Slipboard plates are long wooden planks that overlap horizontally on the sides of the house. A great legacy for boards is complementary architectural style. Redwoods and cedar are the most favored wood jual triplek varieties for use on temporary piles while fir and larch are also acceptable.

Plywood siding is another type that is easily installed using the minimum basic carpentry skills. These are usually made of Western red cedar, Douglas pine, Southern pine and redwood, giving various patterns and textures to choose from. Plywood plates that are painted or colored regularly can last up to 30 years and over.

Vibrate and shingles like a spiral board because it can be adapted to any architectural style. They have an attractive and rustic appearance and are also resistant to decay. The siding type is made of cedar which can come in a number of grades. Depending on care and climate, shakes and herpes zoster may last from 20 to 40 years.

The boards and grooves are the appropriate board length and are locked together in a pattern. It is made of pine, cedar and teak and is judged with its versatility and appeal. Wood surfaces of this type can be mounted horizontally, diagonally or vertically with a coarse or fine finish. Depending on the style of the house, it can come in a complex or clear look.

This hardboard plate is made of compressed wood chips to form the cut sheet according to style. Styles like lapboard, stucco, board or batten are available for this siding type. This is cheaper than solid wood siding but has good endurance and strength.

You are now ready to choose from different types of wood siding, which will suit your home architectural style.

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