Six Secrets of Burning Fat and Lose Weight

Six Secrets of Burning Fat and Lose Weight

Many people especially women hate to see her body covered with fat deposits. Various ways from a reasonable start to unreasonable they do to have a slim and ideal body. However, please note that fat in the body is not our enemy, we are in dire need of fat, fat has a very important function for our body – for example: energy source, cell formation, temperature controller, vital organs of the body.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D not only helps keep bones strong but also improves mood and accelerates metabolism. One study showed that women over the age of 40 who consumed 1000 to 4000 IU of vitamin D daily were 30% thinner than those who did not consume enough vitamin D.

The natural way to swallow vitamin D is to include your food: milk, eggs, fish and butter. It is also recommended to go out in the sun because the sun stimulates the body to produce these vitamins.

2. Spinach

Spinach is rich in fiber that helps prevent fat build up in the stomach. Spinach also helps keep blood sugar levels stable, which reduces appetite, which often makes us gain weight.

Another advantage of spinach is vitamin C and magnesium, two nutrients that balance female hormones. Natural beauty. Women who consume enough vitamin C are generally 5 to 10 kilograms thinner than those who do not consume them.

3. Close the kitchen at 6 pm

While we sleep the body is not as effective as the metabolism of the foods we eat. In addition, it is possible that at 6 pm you will consume the recommended amount of calories for your body and everything you eat after is an extra calorie that will make you gain weight.
4. Visualize life without being overweight

For none of the secret powers of the positive mentality. Seeing yourself as a skinny person, going shopping and seeing all the clothes you love, you’ve left, will give you more strength to keep your weight down goals.
5. Basic diet lose weight

There are many exotic foods that offer to lose weight, but the simple and effective equivalent is to eat every day:
– 3 servings of fruit
– a portion of vegetables
– the protein part
– the portion of grain
– Serving healthy fats (such as olive oil)
6. Movement 15 minutes a day

Whenever we talk about losing weight, the movement can not be less. Whether it’s cycling, walking, aerobic exercise, with just 15 minutes a day you will see positive results.

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