Anything Kitchen Appliances for Mixing Foodstuffs and Usefulness?

When cooking in this modern age, you certainly will not be separated from the use of kitchen appliances are all-powerful. Especially with the group blender , mixer , chopper , and a food processor that always makes it for you when you have to mix a variety of foods to get a taste of the most delicious.

Hand mixer signora – However, if you do not understand the function of each kitchen appliances are properly, you will not be able to get optimal results from it. That is, even your cooking process so it does not make you more efficient and complicated!

To avoid this, let’s first identify the types of kitchen appliances that you can use to mix the ingredients of food and also the main function. Go see the review below!

kitchen appliances

1. Chopper , a quick solution to soften the meat and spices

Chopper is one of the kitchen appliances were quite easy for you to meet. Often, the chopper is considered equal to the food processor . In fact, there are some differences between the two!

If you wish to grind and mix the food materials such as herbs or meat whose numbers 1-4 cup , then the chopper is the right choice for you.

For those of you who do not have kitchen appliances this one, Blibli Friends recommend Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper as andalanmu for cutting and mixing foodstuffs into small sections and smooth. With a capacity of up to 1.5 liters and 500 Watt motor power, guaranteed chopping food ingredients would be much easier for you!

2. Rely on food processor to mix and refine foodstuffs in large quantities

Although its use is similar to the chopper , food processor has unique characteristics that make it so reliable you when mixing food. Each unit of a food processor fitted with a feeding tube for inserting food materials to be mixed. In addition, it also comes with a variety of blades that you can replace. Even in some types, there is also a food processorthat can help stir the cake batter, you know!

If you do not know the food processor where appropriate to supplement your kitchen appliances, you can try using a Kenwood Food Processor incorporates three different bowls. Sharp blade is made of stainless steel , so that power powerful piece and can mix your food materials in a heartbeat. The capacity of this product reached 4.3 liters, so you can grind and mix the food materials in large quantities at once.

3. Blender normal for smoothies and sauces every time

Blender is one of the kitchen appliances that must already be a friend to mix a variety of foodstuffs. However, unlike the chopper and a food processor which is normally used for heavier work, blenders have optimal function in the mix and refine foodstuff in / to a liquid, such as smoothies or sauces.

Cutting blade on the blender would be choked if you use it to grind herbs or meat. The reason is that the motor unit is not able to move the knife struck the heavy material and solid food. So, it is better to use a blender for foodstuffs in the form of liquids or light-weight, yes!

Well, for the problem blender -mem blender , you can count on Ozen Vacuum Blender for the results of blending optimal. Its vacuum technology will maintain the nutritional content of food that you mix. The result of blending you get will not bubbly and more concentrated!

4. Blend the fruit to make a healthy juice at a glance

Compared with the blender usual, blender fruit bin are usually small with which to make the usual fruit juice consumed daily, such as Tefal Mini Blender Fruit Sensation this.

Mini blender is one product blender of fruit recommended because it is equipped with three types of tubes that you can use to explore the tastes and textures of various fruits and vegetables. The unit is also easy to clean, so you will not be hassles when washing it.

5. Hand blender , pulverize solution flash for groceries

There nih-type blender that have not been addressed, namely the hand blender . Blenderwhich one is suitable for mem blending liquids in small quantities in a short time!

Minimalist design makes it easy to carry and store. Usage even easier because live you hold and navigate to the ingredients you want to blend . Practical, is not it?

If you are interested in having a hand blender , Kenwood Hand Blender can be a solution that’s right for you. Equipped with 23 different functions and knife Triblade as well as various other accessories, this product can be guaranteed very you rely on to make a puree , baby food, soups, creams, and so on.

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