Right pan, Steady Cook! Recognize Various Pots Before You Use

For some of you cook could be a fun activity to do. However, did Companion Duma that pot there are several kinds, you know . The use of the right pans it can make you increasingly delicious cuisine. Cooking time can you trim easily. For instance the stock potaka pot of broth.

Pot broth has a high design with a small diameter. By doing so, the evaporation process can be arrested. Evaporation takes place slowly makes starch broth is getting out.

In Indonesia, the use of pot broth may not be too familiar. However, another story if you come out of the country. In a country-western countries many dishes that rely on broth. Broth pot has never spared for their use.

Pots wide via Lazada.co.id

Well, besides the pot of broth or stock pot what the hell kind of pot you need to have? Let’s consider the following review Cook’s World, Presto eko signora.

  1. Pan Sauce ( Sauce Pan )

This pot is designed to create a variety of sauces-usually to western cuisine. However, this pot is often also used to make jam. Sauce Pan  has a vertical wall that is easily accessible by spoon stirrer. The handle on the side was long enough to allow you time stirring the sauce even in high speed. You also do not have to worry about spilling sauce while cooking.

Tips for Choosing Pots Sauce:

When making gravy, you must be diligent poking around so that the sauce does not settle and burn. Well, to make it easier to reach every corner of the pot, choose a pot with a diameter that is not too wide. In addition, select a pot that has an indentation on the side in order to allow you time to pour sauce.

2. Sauce Pot

Similar to sauce pan (saucepan), sauce pot  can be used to make a sauce. However, not just any sauce. Sauce pot can also be used to boil meat, boiled vegetables and make soup. Sauce pot has two solid ears that will help you when lifting the pot gallons.

3. High Pot

This pot has a large size with basin deep enough. A large pot size, easier for you when cooking dishes in large portions, for example: when will make a curry when Lebaran. This pot is also equipped with two solid algae are capable of supporting the weight of the pot (and dishes) are relatively heavy.

Dandang 4. ( Steamer )

Use of the boiler had been replaced by rice cooker . Only, it does not mean this pot will be no use anymore. Pan steamer or steamer you can use to make steamed dishes, such as dumplings, spiced, tamarind fierce, macaroni schotel steamed, and much more.

Oh yes, you can also use a saucepan to reheat food that has been Disiman in the refrigerator / freezer.

5. Pots or Pans Presto Pressure ( Pressure Cooker )

Well, this one pot that you must have. Pressure cooker will help you when cooking, the cooking time can you quick with ease. In addition, the pressure cooker may mengempukkan bone. Cook the fish you use a pressure cooker can you eat Setulang-bones. Interesting right?

In addition to bone softening, pressure cooker can be used to soften the hard textured foods. Because the pan has an airtight system that can withstand the pressure in the pot remains high. High pressure was then able mengempukkan hard textured foods, such as beef rendang, ribs, tripe, and kikil. Oh yes, cooking with a pressure cooker can summarize your cooking time.

Maintenance Tips Pots Presto:

It is crucial at this pot is located on the lid of the pot. On the lid of the pot there is a rubber that makes the air does not come out. So, when you clean it, take extra care when you clean up leftover food attached to the lid of the pot.

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