Tips For Not Caring Blender Quick Damaged

Blender is already a mandatory electronic gear that must have in your kitchen. A wide variety of food and drinks can be processed using this tool from making juice, grind spices, to squeeze out the coconut milk. Well before your blender “crashed” let prevented by simple ways following: harga super blender signora

1.  To smooth the fruits that are large cut-cut the fruit into small sections to facilitate / speed up the process of smoothing, in this way the motor of the blender you’ll be more durable because his work becomes lighter.
2.  Read the instructions first use, in order to avoid the use of a blender that exceed the limits.
3.  Set the blender to the motor is not too long so that the motor rotates durable non-combustible by continuous usage.
4.  Wash the glass blender put warm water every time you are finished using it.
5. Use the blade as required, a thick blade used for groceries rather harsh while the thin blade for soft foods.
6.  do not push to soften the hard foodstuffs destroyed by the blender,
7.  to facilitate and ease the process pemghalusan then add water into a blender cup that has been given foodstuff.

Thus 7 simple tips to care for the blender to prevent rapid deterioration .. may be useful ..

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