7 Tips for Choosing a Quality Used Car


The car is a vehicle that has now become the need of many people to travel and do business. Areas of public transportation in Indonesia is still far from comfortable indeed make a lot of people then choose to buy private vehicles for day-to-day. But unfortunately not everyone can buy the desired car. Car prices are still quite high to make them their finances can not afford. But for you who indeed longed to have a car you anticipate these financial problems by finding and buying a used car.

Used car? Can it be guaranteed quality? Although the form mobil honda semarang of a used car if you are able to carefully and precisely choose the car, you could get a nice car and qualified. Of it unfortunately, not everyone can carefully choose a used car that is good and quality. For you are intending to buy a used car and is eyeing a good quality, you can apply some tricks and the following way.

1. Points Purchase
The way and the first trick to choose a used car that is good and quality is to look at the place of purchase of the car. Indeed, now there are a lot of places open sale of used cars with all the offerings. But to get and buy a used car you can also buy it directly from the person who is being wanted to sell it directly. Buying into the showroom is going to make you a lot of choice, but you should know that buying through the showroom definitely make the purchase cost is greater than if you buy it directly from the first.

Buying a used car through an intermediary will also make your purchases become more expensive. Buying a car from the first hand will make you better understand the treatment conditions of the car, especially if the person selling it is people you know. Therefore pay attention to where you are buying a car is an important thing you need to look.

2. Auto Exterior
Once you find a seller and a car, then it’s time to do the next step is checking. Car parts that you usually notice is the car’s exterior. Just do checks on the first part of this look. On the exterior of this car some car parts that should be checked is the part of the body. Notice if there are scratches or damage on the body of this car, how to paint his condition, whether still smooth or have rough. Note also the glass section, is there any part cracked or broken. Note also the part of the lamp, if there are broken and can be lit properly, or even the light is not bright anymore or even are already on again See also the fourth state of the tires, is it still okay or worn. Try also entered underneath to see if there is rusty and porous.

3. Performance Car Engine
This is an important part of the checking process which should be the most observed and should not be overlooked. Turn on the car engine and notice the sound of the engine is turned on. Machines that sounds good is the engine that sounds smooth and not rough. The car is still good also characterized by easy-to-starter. After turning on the machine try to do a test drive. Try to passing gear, make sure that the gear shift gears running smoothly. Feel the true condition of the car while running. When heavy, tends to turn towards the left or right, you’d better think twice to buy it. In this test drive try to pass through less flat road to test whether or not the condition of the legs of the car. To test drive this whole process you should do it with the seller that the seller also know the condition of the car.

4. Accessories and Interior

When finished with the exterior and the engine, it’s time to observe the interior parts and car accessories. Some components and interior car accessories you need to look include the dashboard, set air conditioning, carpeting, as well as consider the quality of the seats and ceiling. Be sure to try to occupy the seat, pull back, and check the quality of the upholstery. Glass parts also should not go unnoticed by trying to raise and lower the windshield. Also check the wiper switch and the condition of opening and closing the car door. Lastly, try also to check the turn signal, hazard, headlights and brake lights. Radio or other audio facilities are also important for you to try by turning and turning.

5. Completeness Letters
The letters are crucial vehicles that are also required to consider when buying a car. Make sure you get BPKB and original vehicle registration. Note authenticity BPKB and registration of the car, because now a lot of circulating counterfeit securities that stolen cars sold at high prices. You shall ensure that the car you want to buy has BPKB and registration with the name of the original owner. With the BPKB and original vehicle registration and complete then you will be facilitated to return the name and administrative affairs of the other.

6. Check Physical

For more convincing, it never hurts to do a physical check at the office modification. With these physical checks you will be able to make sure the data and information contained in the document BPKB and registration in accordance with the actual car. The process of physical checks is certainly able to do after getting the permission of the owner or seller of the car. Do not hesitate to ask for a physical check on the owner. If you are already sure to buy a car, the owner will usually be willing if the car do a physical check.

7. Insurance

Lastly, the ways and tricks to choose a used car that is good and quality is to look at existing insurance on the car. If the used car you want to buy insurance this will certainly have a very better. What about the name of the owner? Do not worry about insurance can be transferred through the process behind the name of the insurance company that guarantees the vehicle to be purchased. Do not forget to prepare sale documents are complete so that the process behind the name of this insurance can proceed smoothly.

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