For health benefits Durian Fruit Body

Durian fruit can be good for digestion, so that the fruit can overcome constipation that one feels. High fiber content in the fruit flesh fruit durian is the reason this is important is eaten by suffering from digestive problems.
Overcoming anemia. The content of folic acid and vitamin B9 in fleshy fruit durian fruit make this a bad smell good to be a producer of red blood cells, so the blood shortage can be overcome.
Good for skin health. The content of vitamin C in fruit durian make thorn-skinned fruit is great in preventing aging and wrinkling of the skin. Vitamins in durian act as good anti-oxidants that keep skin cell damage.
Durian beneficial for bones and joints. Potassium and calcium in the durian is very beneficial for maintaining bone health, including the health of joints such as knees, knuckles etc.
Benefits durian to regulate the stability of blood. Mengstabilkan durian fruit can be blood, this dkikarenakan in this fruit contains manganese. Nevertheless, it remains a good tidka if consumed in large quantities.
Copper content in the fruit durian good at maintaining the health of the thyroid.
Because a lot of the content of vitamin B1, the durian fruit is also useful to keep the appetite
Iboflavin compound or Vitamin B2 in durian make delicious fruit is beneficial to prevent migraine.
Durian fruit is also useful to relieve stress and depression, is not because the durian fruit contains vitamin B6 or pyridoxine
Porfor the durian is very beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and mouth

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