How To Remove Stains On The Skin?

Skin spots are a change in pigmentation and can have different causes. They can be present in the form of moles, spots or freckles by aging. Sun exposure can make the situation worse.

If you want to know a little about the spots on the skin and if you need some natural methods to get rid of it, here you will find some answers to your problem.

Know the stain

Before offering some alternatives to remove stains from the skin, we will tell you what stain it is. Skin spots are a change in pigmentation and can occur under different factors, such as: sun exposure, genetics, liver problems, pregnancy, antibiotics, among others.

These spots may appear in the form of moles, spots or freckles by aging.
Our alternatives

Here we will offer solutions that allow for the appearance of skin blemishes, with homemade recipes and natural remedies. In this case, we’ll show you 5 effective, simple and convenient alternatives to fire your spot.

1. Lemon Juice: A natural bleach agent.

First, extract the lemon juice. Then, take the cotton ball and impr├ęgnala with the juice. Rub straight into the spot for a few minutes. Natural beauty. In addition, you can use lemon peel to rub it on the affected part. Do it for 5 minutes. Citric acid lemon will help peel your skin, thus removing dead cells and letting the “tone” of the skin match.

Do not apply when exposed to sunlight.
2. Aloe vera and its cutaneous properties

Apply aloe vera gel to your place, rub until the skin absorbs the gel and let it act. Repeat the process every day. Gel aloe vera will help you to lighten the spots.
3. Papaya: the strength of papain

First, you have to peel a piece of papaya cooked. Then rub the inside of the face over the affected area. Let the papaya act and wash with cold water. You can repeat the procedure 3 or 4 times a week. Papain content will help reduce dead skin cells and other stain remnants.
4. Onion: removes age spots
Take onion and cut it. Scrape it over the place for five minutes. You have to repeat the procedure every day. This method is very effective especially when treating age spots.
5. Bananas and lemons: an effective mix to match the tone

This is a simple and effective method in which you must have a banana (or banana) and 1 or 2 lemon juice extract. First, you have to peel and chop a banana or a banana. Then you have to beat the pieces until you get something like a puree. Then, mix the puree with lemon juice. Apply every day to the stain. This homemade recipe will be very effective to adjust your skin tone.
Will the treatment work?

It is important to remember that the success of this natural recipe depends on consistency and order in their procedures. Also, make sure you use fresh produce and avoid frequent openings to the sun.
Very important

Perform your procedures only at night (or in dark places). Sun exposure can worsen the situation because, as we have said, in addition to your skin will be very sensitive, what is done with natural products is a “game” to balance the variations of your skin tone. Be careful every day and be sure your stain will be clean.

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